2017 Friend of Conservation Award

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The Kerr WMA sits along the headwaters of the Guadalupe River in western Kerr county.  It is owned by the state of Texas under the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  It’s primary mission is to function as a wildlife management, research, and demonstration site for trained personnel to conduct wildlife related studies and provide resultant information.

The Kerr WMA and the Kerr Co SWCD has had a working relationship also since it’s inception in 1950.  SWCD photos of research plots and demonstration areas show us that collaboration has long been in place between the Kerr WMA, Kerr Co SWCD and USDA-NRCS offices.

Field tours (such as the one shown above) dating back to 10.1.1963 have been cataloged that the the SWCD hosted or co-hosted at the Kerr WMA.  The Kerr Co SWCD also helps host the Youth Range Workshop on their annual day at the Kerr WMA.  In more recent years, the Kerr Co SWCD still holds field days and tours at the Kerr WMA and utilizes their new facilities for groups.  Along with SWCD field days, the SWCD has helped other agencies hold educational seminars at the Kerr and worked with both agencies to provide the public with an informative event.

TPWD staff at the Kerr WMA are always helpful and willing to lend a hand and share resources.  NRCS and SWCD employees have visited the Kerr WMA for trainings, some of which are specialized at the Kerr WMA.  Some of the Kerr WMA’s endangered species can be viewed and their staff has helped educate other agency employees on them and their habitat.

The Kerr WMA was also awarded the Friend of Conservation Award for TSSWCB’s Area II Awards.

Pictured L – R: Ryan Reitz, TPWD; Volney Hough, ATSWCD; Evan McCoy, TPWD; Fernando Gutierrez, TPWD

The nomination was then submitted on up to the state wide TSSWCB award competition and we are proud to say the that Kerr WMA was awarded the TSSWCB’s Friend of Conservation Award for the state of Texas in 2017!

Pictured L – R: Rex Isom, TSSWCB; Fernando Gutierrez, TPWD; Donnie Frels, TPWD; Marty Graham, TSSWCB; Mark Mitchell, TPWD; Ryan Reitz, TPWD; Volney Hough, ATSWCD

Pictured L – R: David Symm, Kerr Co SWCD; Mark Mitchell, TPWD; Donnie Frels, TPWD; Ryan Reitz, TPWD; Fernando Gutierrez, TPWD; Jack Thorne, Kerr Co SWCD

Learn more about the Kerr Wildlife Management Area and TPWD HERE.

See our nomination for the Friend of Conservation Award HERE.

View the state award winner video created by TSSWCB HERE.


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